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Performance Reviews/ Awards 

The Crucible- Miners Alley Playhouse 
Role: Mary Warren

"Piel, a recent graduate of Denver School of the Arts and CU Boulder Theatre & Dance. Her Mary's initial taste of power shows how even goodhearted people can commit destructive acts when swept up in mass hysteria." -John Moore (True West Award) 

"Great actors take roles and scripts you thought you knew and elevate them to another plane. Such is the case with Piel's portrayal of Mary Warren, a young woman who valiantly attempts to tell the truth but eventually falls into line with her teenage co-conspirators.

Mary Warren was never a minor role in Arthur Miller's 1953 classic play about the Salem witch trials of 1692, mob mentality and the power of the Big Lie, but I confess that I never walked away from The Crucible thinking about her.

Piel's performance changes all of that.

Over the course of the play, Piel's Warren manages to be innocent, evil, manipulative, devious, sympathetic and heroic. One thing she is not is insignificant or boring.

In a cast packed with some of Denver's most talented actors, Piel not only holds her own but demands that you pay attention. No easy task in a script that runs to nearly three hours." - Mark Ragen 

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